Activities Around Glasshouse On The Ganges

Welcome to this haloed spot on planet Earth.This is where the holy Ganges, still pristine and pure, turns around and flows north towards its icy source in Gangotri. Hinduism interprets it as a willful act of reverence, for having left the mother’s womb, one must only take that direction in prayer. So, you can address it as Uttaravahini, “the one who flows north”. This is also repeated by the Ganges further down its course at Benaras/Varanasi, considered the holiest spot by Hindus.

The erstwhile maharajas of Tehri Garhwal had handpicked this location and turned it into a royal orchard with litchis and mangoes. Now, you can wake up here because you have made a privileged choice.

A range of activities and excursions can add value to your time and experience. Heave your chest and breathe-in fresh oxygen that purifies your blood. Then visit the Anand Kashi Spa to rejuvenate the body and add glow to your face. Book a rafting cruise on one of the best river stretches in the world or take a bridle path and trek.Or drive 23 kms down to Rishikesh to participate in the morning or evening arti as a fire offering to the cosmos. Or drive up 32 kms to Devaprayag to see the confluence of the Alaknanda and Bhagirathi rivers. Nothing about the Neemrana experience at The Glasshouse is ordinary, so make sure you relish it to the hilt.


River Rafting

One can enjoy the swirling white waters of the Ganges, and have a great time with friends and family by venturing out for a river rafting trip. Some good places in Rishikesh for river rafting and beach camps include Brahmapuri, Shivpur and...

Rock Climbing

Rishikesh is a preferred destination for rock climbing in India. Every year, thousands of people come here to enjoy the adventure of rock climbing.

Raja Ji National Park

It is one of the biggest parks in North India and is located at the meeting point of the Himalayan foothills and the Indo-Gangetic plains. Migratory birds from all over the world flock to this place.


One can look forward to having an adventurous journey across the several soft treks here, and simultaneously enjoy the surrounding greenery, the singing birds and the beautiful views from the mountain top.

Cliff Jumping

Another wonderful way to experience thrill is to do some cliff jumping. It’s completely safe and gives an absolute thrill down your spine. A must do!

Visiting Temples

One can visit the neighboring temples and ashrams for evening Arti, and also take a dip into the holy Ganges.